The book "Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder" by Sarah Hendrickx

I have just finished reading this, and found it very well written and what I felt as a "handbook for others on my life" in many places. I had borrowed it from the library but was taking so many photos of so many pages I have bought my own copy!

Has anyone else read this book? It really does seem to highlight how difficult it can be to spot ASD in females and just how well we cover it all up to the outside onlookers while often falling apart in various ways out of sight or on the inside.

It really does cover every major aspect of life from birth to old age and the main issues in each stage of life.

Basically I'd recommend it as a good book to read to help self understanding or to suggest another person reads to get a clearer picture of how your life experience may be different to theirs.

  • Hi there, I just wanted to say how kind it is for you to tell others about this book and how it may help them understand their own experiences,

    i am an older Male but have studied a lot about the masking ability and females being treated wrongly by being assessed using Male protocols.

    It is very quite on here tonight so maybe not much in response now.

    I came across two studies one mostly about how well females slip through the radar so to speak, and the other discussing the ways females disguise their autism,

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