An autistic moment ?

I posted on a Facebook group to do with genealogy and dna. I got a reply. In the interest of getting views as to that reply I posted the comments I and the other person had made on a genealogy dna forum I go on. I of course omitted the other person's name.
I have been dragged through the coals for doing so by that person and accused of being rude. All i did was to try and find out what other people thought.

I am confused. I meant no harm.

Someone said about privacy.  It was posted on a group so viewable to other people anyway. If she had really wanted only me to know surely she could have private messaged me on facebook with a stipulation not to repeat our conversation. I would, of course, have obliged. As it is if I had posted her name on the forum I would have agreed I violated privacy ,but I didn't .

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