Prosopagnosia , or face blindness.  I suffer from it and have done so for as long as I can remember.  Does anyone else here have similar problems?

It's very embarrassing when someone greets me and I have no idea who they are or where do I know them from.  Related to this problem is name blindness where I find it very very difficult to remember people's names.

Recently I was greeted by a man in a park and I struggled badly to remember who he was.  I mostly remember people from their voices and other visual clues such what they wear, where they usually sit.  He turned out to be a colleague from a health and fitness course I recently attended.

How common is it for autistics to suffer from prosopagnosia ?

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  • Yes I find it hard to recognise people and when someone greets me I ask them where they know me from and am surprised I do not know who they are.  I also think I know someone when I do not know them.

    That is not supposed to be Asperger Syndrome.  That is a perception problem so I think it made it useless doing the emotions test.  I took part in trials but I cannot recognise emotions if I cannot even recognise faces.

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