Pre-diagnosis - No follow up on indicative screening

It was suggested by my psychologist and two brothers (who have ASD) that I should do an ASD screening test, based on traits they recognise in me as possibly a result of having ASD.

I'm currently under the treatment of a mental health team for OCD, depression and anxiety. At this institute based on their recommendation I completed a screening test and scored in the range of someone who may have ASD, where a follow up assessment is prescribed. However, they said they will have their psychologist speak to me regarding it. At my appointment, he says he doesn't have knowledge of ASD and can't be of help.

Since then (over a year ago) nothing has progressed despite me repeatabily asking for a follow up. This may be due to a lack of facilities on site or inadequate protocol, I’m not sure.

It has now been almost 2 years since the recommendation and a year since screening, what can I do? I feel I have enough symptoms/traits to warrant further investigation, and have scored accordingly on the test they provided, yet nothing is being done. I believe if a diagnosis is warranted it may help better understand my mental health struggles, offer support and augment my existing treatments, so it's something I feel should be investigated further so one way or another a conclusion can be drawn.
Please can you help advise me further on how to proceed as It seems I am blocked where I am and they aren't suited to handle this investigation.

Many thanks