Pre-diagnosis query

Can anyone share the info or know what is asked of parents/family/friends/spouses about you for historical or childhood info etc?

Does that make sense?

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  • My mother came with me to my diagnostic assessment.  After my interview, the psychologist spoke to her alone for about 40 minutes.  She was asked mainly about my developmental milestones.  What I was like as a child, whether my progress was akin to that of my brother's (8 years older than I am), whether I seemed to have any special needs in terms of parental attention, progress at school, making friends, etc.  Mum was frank that I was very quiet and shy, obviously bright as a child, struggled around other people, more inclined to isolate throughout childhood, imaginative, and quite demanding.  It was very useful input.  Combined with my own account, it helped to give a more rounded picture of me.

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