Public Transport...

...and "LAMe" Behaviour.

This Thread is about what it says, there. Lighthearted, funny, serious, eerie, strange... any stories, experiences, events, queries...
- "Public" - I use as a word to make this Thread easier to find in the "Related" section.
- "LAMe Behaviour" - is my own Term (so far). It stands for: "LOOK AT ME!! Behaviour", which, if you check my UserName (DC), this occurs to myself... A LOT.

Glad Tidings to all. I have Aspergers's Syndrome (AS). Using this system which is largely run and used by NTs, of course...

  • Mr. Robert123, wrote:
    "I'm surprised that this thread has so few contributors."

    ...I also am somewhat surprised. This is a Topic I long thought of specifying, and I myself should later put all sorts of "AS weirdness" into it... yet Public Transport should socially be a "popular" matter (just like "Dreams", hmm?)... yet I suspect lack of interest here for a couple of reasons:

    1 - I (DC) started it (!).
    2 - I started it... but I cannot engage in "chatting".
    3 - I did not open with an "example". The reason I did not, was because I did not want anyone to join in by mostly changing the main Topic based upon some little thing I might mention... such as Satsumas or Luggage or "Travel" (Holidays).
    4 - Many persons familiar to myself, were busy with a certain Thread which appeared yet has now been deleted (7/1/18)...
    5 - ...I added "LAMe Behaviour"... and now know that this is something as if unique to myself. I may Post more about it, next, yet now close this Post as it is becoming long, now. Thank You very much, to "Robert123" and "Moggsy" for Posting... so far.

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