Vacations, never. Has anyone else here never been "on Holiday" as an (Autistic) Adult?

Has anyone else here NEVER been "on Holiday" as an (Autistic) Adult? Either within the British Isles or, especially, leaving the Country.
When at school, I was allowed - with the School - to visit The Isle Of Wight, and France, and then Belgium...
But now that I am an adult (since leaving school)... London is as if imposed as a Prison, which financial constraints prevent me from ever escaping. And so I am curious as to whether anyone else has 'Never Really Been Allowed To Have A Vacation', just like myself...

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  • Hi. I've travelled extensively. Most European countries. Large parts of Asia. South America. Australia, New Zealand, various islands in the South Pacific. North Africa, the Middle East. Too many counties to list. It' can be a lot cheaper than people realise. For what people pay for two weeks in Spain on a standard package deal. I can spend up to 3 months in Asia.  

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