Occupation Ideas subforum - any takers?

I retired from teaching about a year ago, and haven't really done very much since. Just coped with getting an assessment for the thing that I'd already self-identified, and then looked for ways to get over the chronic anxiety and depression. What used to be anxiety about work has now morphed into anxiety about trying to exist in this distant and somewhat alien land until my UK pension kicks in. There is no doubt about it that I want to work again, and likely until I eventually drop. Sure I could bite the bullet and go back to teaching, but I think that would probably lead to premature death, through boredom and loneliness. It just does not appeal. Now I seem to be on the point of picking up some work on academic materials that I can do at home, but I also rather like the idea of returning to some of the practical skills I once earned a living by. I'm a bit of an experimenter really. Although I have no claim to inventive genius, and my scientific knowledge is a bit patchy.

Today, I started thinking again about an idea I have had several times over the last few years. The idea is to again pursue my experimental and DIY side, as a means to be doing things that make me happy. (I've always tried to fix things up, or even make my own stuff, even though you might have described me as a rather dyspraxic tradesman in the past.) Now, I'm not expecting to make much money out of that, but it occurs to me that it eventually lead me along some new paths that could even provide a little pocket money. In effect, I think you might say that I would be operating a sort of idea lab, although that is perhaps a rather pretentious way of looking at it given my clumsiness and patchy education.

It occurs to me that it would be good to have a section in this forum where people can inspire and motivate each other with their occupational ideas and actions. I'm most certainly not asking people to give away the secrets of their greatest occupational advantages, but just saying that if you were to describe some of the things that have worked for you, there might well be considerable space for cooperation. And even those things that didn't quite work out, because some others of us might just figure that there are ways to make these things work. And of course, we could also draw on our careers, hobbies and pastimes to help each other out. I have the Sibermanian notion that we might well be better off figuring out our own lives and occupations. and having read quite a lot here, it seems to me that there are loads of interesting ideas knocking around.

My big problem is I've done too many different jobs, and have never really been particularly outstanding at any of them, but I do rather like the idea of trying to pursue new skills - especially if I'm allowed to learn by making mistakes in my inimitable fashion.

So just to sort of state the real point of this new post, perhaps NAS might consider dedicating a special section of this forum to discussion of occupational ideas, opportunities and cooperative fixes etc. etc. I suppose if we were to get quite a discussion going here, the mods might figure it is an idea worth pursuing. And to be honest, I rather like the idea of moderating such a section of a forum myself. Forum moderation/operation is something I have done in the past.

And if it leads to more acquaintances and friends, it won't be entirely in vain. I also believe that this might be better than any therapy for anxiety - and I say that because I reckon I can't afford the attentions of a psychotherapist (life has not been too lucrative), and no one is available to do that sort of work hereabouts anyway.