Found this whilst researching aspie Male /female traits,

This response  is from an individual who visits a site that caters for Aspergers people, it is in response to a long list of potential traits of a Male aspie.

I found it very interesting and I have always maintained that if there was an island just for ND people and they were left alone to be who they truly are it would work.

It would take a generation or two of learning and forgetting incorrect learnings of trying to be NT.

They would in a closed protected environment become the new ASD neurotypicals.

• Anonymous said… As a woman with AS who has been happily married for almost 30 years to a man with AS, the mother of a daughter and four sons who are all on the spectrum, the grandmother of little Spectrumites and as a fully human being with a complete range of emotions I would like to say that it is the mis-match between different neurologies that causes most of the problems. Oh, and I'm the daughter and grand-daughter of Spectrumites too. I have dropped my non-AS 'friends' over the years as I was unable to meet their expectations that I should change to be more like them. They never tried to understand me, yet expected ME to understand THEM! I have great Spectrum friends and we have fortnightly family get-togethers that are huge fun. Socializing with other Spectrumites is easy. We understand each other’s body language; eye-contact is not a problem nor is bluntness and honesty in conversation. We make allowances for each other's sensory difficulties and can tell if the other is uncomfortable, and why

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  • Interesting topic Lonewarrior.  

    I have had my rants on here about a lack of understanding from individuals, but what I would say is that focus should instead be invested in understanding rather than segregation.  I appreciate your topic is purely hypothetical,  but neither ND or NT are perfect and so, even if we were to be segregated, the result may not be as perfect as we would like to think.

    It would be better to focus on us all being human and go a step further by identifying us all as individuals and not categories.  NT or ND, we all have our own needs and aspirations from the trivial to the grand.

    I personally think more would be achieved if we all dared to be more honest with each other, hear each others requirements and then meet somewhere in the middle.  There will never be a perfect scenario that caters 100% for everyone, but by bridging the gap, we can at least start to develop that understanding to accommodate more people and help everyone succeed in their own way.  Sometimes I need NT to challenge me and take me out of my ruts and comfort zones, other times I am better on my own.  

    One aspect of NT I would like to change is the constant drive to over-complicated and bureaucratic systems that are time wasting and exhausting to work to. The amount of times I have been ripping my hair out over a process that lacks logic or justification and there is a glaringly obvious fix to the whole thing is unreal.  I think it would be better everyone learns from each other for everyone's sanity.