Feelings of loneliness?

I am autistic and so is my child. All my family know about my child's diagnosis and some know about mine. Despite this, I feel intense rejection or isolation from some members of my family. As though every time my child gets upset the other children are whisked away and told it's not their fault (not that it is is there fault but it's the whisk them off and turn their back on my child which hurts). If any other child in my family was upset I would try and comfort them and reassure them. This doesn't seem to happen for my child (by some).

I feel such intense loneliness sometimes and that is my worse fear for my child; that they will be lonely. It hurts so incredibly much that some members of my family seem to struggle to accept us. It could be my own misinterpretation but it causes such anxiety and nausea. 

Has anyone else felt this kind of rejection and loneliness and it be unfounded? I want it to be unfounded.

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  • Loneliness is part of autism. I mean, I managed to feel lonely at times during my own stag weekend, why? Because I find it so hard to relate to others and initiate or sustain conversations or end them correctly. Hence I can be with a bunch of people I know yet feel intensely alone.

    Therefore the question is, what does one do about it? One can take socialising classes and learn how better to interact, whatever that looks like. Or one can avoid putting oneself in such situations, which is what I do. Or one can accept that sometimes one feels welcome and sometimes alone. Trying to come to terms with that and deal with the illogical side of it is the hardest thing for any aspie in my view 

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