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Hello & Help. My Cousin is Autistic. She is 41 years old & has multiple health issues. She cannot handle her finances. She has no one else in the family who can help & advise her. I live 35miles away. How can I approach this delicate subject without it ending up in a disagreement or worse, a row. She has accumulated debts running into £2500+. She still spends money on things that she could live without. She finds financial budgeting difficult. She says she wants to be Debt free but makes very little effort to achieve this. Any advice would be welcome

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  • Those with Autistic traits can become highly focussed, stimulated and addicted to a particular 'something'. In the case of your cousin, buying things and the excitement that goes with it ... along with the comfort that she feels that she has enough 'stuff' in the cupboards. I bet that she would feel the same way about 'making things', 'repairing things' and 'seeking alternatives' rather than spending money. It all depends on whether your cousin would 'latch-onto' this new way of thinking and is therefore prepared to slowly transition to it. Get her to watch stuff like 'The Martin Lewis Show', 'Super Shoppers', etc.

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