30!!! Adult? Feel about 12!!!

Do any of you feel a lot younger than your years? I'm 30 (?!). I feel about 12 a lot of the time. I walk, and feel like running, there is a spring in my step, an energetic need to jump, to dance, to giggle. Conversely, I sometimes get an extreme sense of immobility, when my legs feel like lead and are hard to move. It's either one or the other, with me. The intense energy tends to come first thing in the morning, and often after an interest binge. I feel about 5 ha!. How can I be 30? Adult? What?

Parents Reply

  • Yes, never grow up :) I think it's great to still enjoy the simple pleasures in life! I love jumping and skipping when the mood takes me.

    Once when my mother in absolute frustration yelled at me, "WHEN ARE YOU EVER GOING TO GROW UP!!!" ~ I was rather surprised, but to which I replied, "Well as you told me on Sunday (height measuring day), 'You have to be patient and wait as everybody grows up in their own good time'."

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