Disclosing ASD to a potential employer and how it was received

Hi fellow people.

I'm looking for work and have decided to test the waters and disclose my diagnosis to prospective employers.  I figure if I'm honest about how I work, what my strengths and weaknesses are in relation to ASD and they decide not to hire me, it's probably for the best anyway.  I'm tired of being in the wrong job because I'm not the preppy, engaging socialite they wanted (the unspoken and hidden rule I find frustrating) but not required for the actual job role.

I was wondering what your experiences are.  Did you discuss your diagnosis at the interview/after getting the job?  How did you go about it? What traits did you highlight and why? How far do you go with honesty?

And more importantly.....how well was this information received? Did you regret it?

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

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  • Hi Abigail,

    I have disclosed my diagnosis to my current employer, but I received my diagnosis shortly after getting the job, so I had nothing to disclose at the interview stages.

    The only reason I told my employer was on the advice of a Psychiatrist and that I am struggling with shutdowns and other problems as a result.

    My experience has been mixed in this instance in that I have only told those who have to know (senior manager/HR) and they are struggling to understand what it is all about.  Occupational Health have been involved on two occasions now and their feedback is they 'just don't get it and expect me to take a pill and it all goes away'.

    My boss is sometimes understanding but other times can be hard on me and it is usually when I need the support the most.  I find people struggle to grasp that some days I can cope with things, but other days I can't and if the 'natural order' of the office is disturbed in even the slightest way, this sends my anxiety into over drive.  My boss just thinks I am being negative or over reacting.

    It can be a roller coaster, but like you say, it is better to work with someone who is willing to accept you and also work with you.