DLA/PIP & Asperger's.

Good evening all.

I am writing on behalf of my husband who was diagnosed with Asperger's around 17 years ago, at the age of 15. He is now 32 and of course still very much has difficulties. I have previously worked with Autistic young adults but am now a paramedic, so although I am a medical professional I am absolutely not a psychiatrist or even remotely qualified to discuss any diagnosis on the spectrum. My husband has been in receipt of DLA lifetime award (lower rate care and mobility) for many many years now, and as most of you are aware this is changing to PIP. He currently still gets DLA until this switchover happens. I guess the real question here is could he be eligible for the enhanced mobility as well as enhanced care? When looking through he descriptors and point scoring system we feel he qualifies for 26 points daily living care and then 12 points in the mobility section. He is able bodied (physically) but psychologically not, especially where planning and completing journeys, and communication difficulties that cause him absolute psychological distress if and when he's put in that position. If I'm with him he's fine to go places, but if not then he won't go out as I work long 12.5 hour shifts. He's probably he smartest and intelligent person that I know, but going  outdoors without me is a huge no no for him.

Does anyone else have experience with PIP enhanced care and mobility and Asperger's? I'm trying to weigh up whether it's worth trying to fight and whether we stand a good enough chance as i want to keep the suffering of mental health to a bare minimum for him, as his anxiety will peak just like it did with the ESA support group tribunal, but we thankfully won that.

Sorry for the essay I have written and I hope you all have a pleasant evening. 


  • I’m all too familiar with what you are saying. At one time I also had an horrendous experience at an ESA tribunal which is certainly impacting on my decision as to whether to appeal about a pip decision. I am extremely thankful to be on the standard rate but think it should be the enhanced rate. The “ reasons “ given for not getting the extra points don’t seem reasonable to me. Does your husband drive? Apparently if you pass your test and can drive that means you can plan a journey and follow it by yourself regardless of why else you may not be able to. As has been said on other threads please please get help to fill in forms with citizens advice bureau, welfare rights and use the Benefits and Work website to help give detailed responses. They won’t just take your word for things and don’t seem to read reports , they are looking for “ evidence “ but not really sure what that entails.. Gp, OT etc? Also having Aspergers isn’t a reason you have to explain why it makes things more difficult even then in my case they have ignored what I said. Do try to get support as you fill in the forms , I think this is crucial. 

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