Miswired Women of the Net!

An informal thread for all misfired and miswired women on the spectrum...,(and guests). A new thread as we can chat away but are not so good tidying up after ourselves....too busy being awesome..,,

This is a new iteration of many long and warm and welcoming contributions. This is a happy and supportive place x 

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  • Thank you so much for your help and advice.  I have read the articles you have suggested and found them very interesting and have downloaded Aspien Woman on Kindle from Amazon. I have just taken the Aspergers test and got 28 which isn’t really high but indicates ASD traits. I didn’t associate as much with the test as I did with the other literature you suggested. I am very messy and disorganised and have trouble facing people at times. I feel that I have to psych myself up to face people and have developed some interesting avoidance techniques over the years. I often say the wrong thing, then really beat myself up about it afterwards and feel like it’s the end of the world!  If I think I’ve hurt someone or something, I feel physically sick. I also get the ‘social hangovers’ as described. I’ve never really fitted in - as a child or adult - school gate cliques of Mums used to drive me potty with their “he said/ she said/ look at what she’s wearing!” rubbish. Oh I could go on but I think that’s probably bored everyone to death already.  I think I need a shrink.