Miswired Women of the Net!

An informal thread for all misfired and miswired women on the spectrum...,(and guests). A new thread as we can chat away but are not so good tidying up after ourselves....too busy being awesome..,,

This is a new iteration of many long and warm and welcoming contributions. This is a happy and supportive place x 

  • Hi everybody. I’m feeling a bit flat and worn out today but after reading all these posts, they’re so supportive and it’s so good to find others like me, that I wanted to say hello before I went to bed. I was diagnosed at the end of last month, aged 50. I have definitely become more autistic since realising I was autistic, last May. Or rather, as some of you have said, I am dropping more and more of the mask and becoming more and more of who I am. Part of this is by choice and partly, I have no choice. I am completely worn out by it all, I’m done with the mask, whether I want to be or not, but I do want to be! Getting the diagnosis was important to me, but I wasn’t expecting such a roller coaster of emotions etc  since I got the diagnosis. I’m super passionate though, about speaking up for us all. I have no choice in telling people I’m autistic, it just comes out, but I seriously want to get involved some how, in spreading awareness and making things easier for the younger ones, as well as ourselves. For now, I’m just so grateful I’ve found others like me and I’m getting all the help I can to sort my life out after a serious burn out and learning that it will happen, but I have to take my time. Thanks for all your comments, they really help. 

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