Miswired Women of the Net!

An informal thread for all misfired and miswired women on the spectrum...,(and guests). A new thread as we can chat away but are not so good tidying up after ourselves....too busy being awesome..,,

This is a new iteration of many long and warm and welcoming contributions. This is a happy and supportive place x 

  • Um... Good evening... if I may express a curiosity again...:
    - Misfit61- "Thank you Ellie. Very pleased to have a new but continued place to meet up"
    - Elephantintheroom - " Don’t mess it up...lol x "
    - ... but then Bonniepurple writes - " Thanks Ellie. I must admit that I find this site so difficult to navigate with the replies within threads rather than going to the end and so I just avoid it when I’m tired after work."
    ... and now I see that replies progress in a certain manner. Correct me if I am wrong, but the intention is to progress things in a LINEAR fashion? No posting anything by back-tracking, or as Miss Bonniepurple mentioned. Please tell me if this is a correct assumption or not.

    Regardless of that, I give Good Wishes to all, and a last thing:
    Elephantintheroom - " Do you think they’ll be brave and join? "
    Whatever my following answer means to anyone else, I give apology anyway... Yet: I should like to join in, but I cannot do "live chat" - here or in real life. It matters not, how nice people are... I just cannot do it! I begin to make errors in grammar, and I say the wrong things... and so, I like to see all of this, yet I cannot really join in.
    I may say something from time-to-time... but I only come out after dark, very late, when the Internet is less busy...
    Make of that what you will...(!)

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