Fed up

i'm a 29 yr old man with aspergers syndrome I haven't worked for 5 years I live alone have no friends and don't know how to get out of this rut I'm in I'm fed up with ritualistic/repetitive behaviours I see my whole life passing by In front of me I just want it all to go away I just want a normal life I literally do the same thing everyday, wander into town have breakfast come home play games watch t.v this isn't the life I wanted I should have a job a family ect I ******* hate the world

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  • thanks guys, this thread has helped more than you know. Good advice! I need to broaden my horizons, break out of this not so comforting zone. Money is tight but I could save up and go abroad next year I drive but have no car so I could save for one. I could take up poetry or art, stop playing games. I gave up smoking last Christmas and got heavily into vaping its something I would like to stop too but the nicotine withdrawals are so bad, perhaps I could buy a tent and camp out in the woods for a week far away from any nicotine sources until it goes away maybe I'm just crazy tho lol

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