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i'm a 29 yr old man with aspergers syndrome I haven't worked for 5 years I live alone have no friends and don't know how to get out of this rut I'm in I'm fed up with ritualistic/repetitive behaviours I see my whole life passing by In front of me I just want it all to go away I just want a normal life I literally do the same thing everyday, wander into town have breakfast come home play games watch t.v this isn't the life I wanted I should have a job a family ect I ******* hate the world

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  • I can also relate, you're not alone. As Rober123 said, you're still young and have a life in front of you, it might not be easy, but you have to make some changes. If we want things to change, we have to change what we do. Meetup groups are great because there are so many interests out there. Just browse meetup groups in your area and see if any of them take your fancy. I'm finding that although it feels like a slow process, but only when I think I 'should' have a job now, I 'should' have my life sorted, etc etc, but in reality, I'm actually moving forward at a good speed. I'm 50 years old and only got my diagnosis at the end of October, but already I've joined a local support group for autistic people, and that has been a huge huge help. Things will only change when we start to change them. We don't want to change who we are, but we can find ways of being in this world and having a fulfilling life. It might take a while to figure out what that looks like, but for me, it's getting a camper van, living in that, spending more time outdoors, in nature, and travelling to wherever I want. Since realising that, I am making real steps towards achieving it and when I feel that fear and anxiety in the pit of my stomach, I tell myself I can do this, I am doing this, and the more I do it the easier it gets and more and more opportunities come into my life to help me towards my goal. 

    Also, do you drive? Or even if you don't, you can start to work for amazon flex, picking up parcels from a local point and delivering them. I'm just in the process of putting my application form forward. They pay between £12 to £15 an hour and you chose when you want to work and what deliveries you want to do. Evening classes are great, I really love them, and many of them are free if you're on benefits. Volunteering is great, I'm even considering that myself just now. There is information on this site of how to get involved. I think it will do me good in so many ways to volunteer, maybe one day a week, to someway support the autism community, and make the changes I want to see for all of us. We deserve a life, you deserve a life, and it is possible. As soon as you start to do even one small thing differently, things will begin to change. Like someone said, change your walking route, go to a different cafe, make something different for breakfast. 

    You have got friends, you've got friends here. I've been in the rut that you described for the past 12 months and I was getting worried that I was never going to get out of it, so I started to make small changes, and slowly but surely, I'm creating a life, that suits me. We are never going to have a 'normal' life, you have to let that go. Once I let that go and let go of this person I have created, to fit in with the world, I started moving forwards. I grieved for the life I thought I was going to get, the so called 'normal' life, but once I let that go, it's like it created a space for me to begin to see a way forward. My vision is that the rules of the game change, in such a way, that all people who are autistic get to live a happy and fulfilling life but we are the ones who will change the rules, by getting out there and living. Figuring out what works for us, what our limitations are, what our strengths are and what we enjoy. There are organisations out there that can help you get back into work. Even the local job centre can help. The local citizens advice service is a good place to start as well. Go and speak to them, find out what support is in your area. Just taking that step will help how you feel tremendously. It doesn't get easier the longer you wait. You're a young man and you absolutely can have a fulfilling life. My heart goes out to you because it's not a nice place to be in but there is an escape route. There is a lot  of support out there in the big wide world, it's big enough for NT's and us. You will find your way. Please listen to what we have said and take some steps and let us know how you are.

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