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i'm a 29 yr old man with aspergers syndrome I haven't worked for 5 years I live alone have no friends and don't know how to get out of this rut I'm in I'm fed up with ritualistic/repetitive behaviours I see my whole life passing by In front of me I just want it all to go away I just want a normal life I literally do the same thing everyday, wander into town have breakfast come home play games watch t.v this isn't the life I wanted I should have a job a family ect I ******* hate the world

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    I'm a 43 year old woman with aspergers and I know how you feel.  That's kind of my life too.  However I have learned to make changes.  I have a boyfriend and one very good  female friend now.  Its taken time and work i.e. figuring out how to go to places to meet new people ( not just people on the spectrum)  like walks through the park, going to a quiet but friendly pub and going to evening classes or meetups that are compatible with my life and interests.  I've joined a gym so i can use the swimming pool.  I love wild camping and have bought inflatable kayaks and get away from the mundane repetitive -  get up, go for a walk, eat, play minecraft, watch star trek etc. 

    The other side of things are you could have a crap stressful job that you hate and have to go to everyday and have a relationship that full of anger and frustration and about to split up.  Thats a "normal" life for alot of NT people too.  You can make changes for the better and figure out what you would like to put into your routine you just need to plan and force yourself out of the routine once to make those changes.  Believe me I understand.  Try making a list of things you would like to do or places you would like to visit and surf the web dreaming about them then try to plan out how to make it possible.  Hope is a thing with feathers. xxx

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