Fed up

i'm a 29 yr old man with aspergers syndrome I haven't worked for 5 years I live alone have no friends and don't know how to get out of this rut I'm in I'm fed up with ritualistic/repetitive behaviours I see my whole life passing by In front of me I just want it all to go away I just want a normal life I literally do the same thing everyday, wander into town have breakfast come home play games watch t.v this isn't the life I wanted I should have a job a family ect I ******* hate the world

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  • 29 years young!

    You still have your youth and I hope, health.

    Try volunteering it will help you meet people and maybe get a well paid job.  (Or so I've been told).

    Or if you have the money, go on holidays to see new places.  Either travel alone or try organised package holidays.  Stay in some 'nice' hotels.

    Try evening classes to improve your education. Also good place to meet women.

    Or apply to university, if you haven't been.