Getting a specially trained dog for adult with Aspergers?


I'm 21 and have Aspergers and would like to get a dog to assist me when in need, to aid my social development and just generally to keep me company and be a positive addition to my life. I'm very aware of the fact that pre-trained dogs seem to only be available to children, and all other recognised service dogs are for people with physical disabilities.

So what I'm wondering is, has anyone here managed to find an organisation which provides specially trained dogs to adults with Aspergers?
Also as far as I know (I haven't checked) the flat I will be moving into soon does not allow pets but as I would have my dog as an assistance dog I'm hoping they'll make an exception.
So what I'm also wondering is, has anyone with Aspergers/anyone who is a parent/carer of someone with Aspergers managed to have a dog accepted in their flat despite the tenancy stating pets are not allowed?

I reckon I'd have to get a regular dog and have it trained over time so I doubt the housing organisation will believe that I don't want it just as an everyday pet. 
If anyone can give me any tips on how to persuade them by proving the dog is vital for my mental wellbeing that would be great :)