Aspergers and PIP

Hello people, I was finally diagnosed with aspergers in July as a base condition of other mental health/psychiatric conditions, My report said said I suffer from it along with clinical depression present since childhood, with a personality disorder to cope.... Just received my PIP Award rejection letter with only 2 points but clearly states no evidence of low mood, How can a senior consultant diagnosis on a report of clinically depression not be classified as evidence..... 

Any way I guess their thinking is as I have gained good qualifications and maintained good jobs until December 2015 that I do not qualify for help. But when I had a full mental breakdown ended up being sectioned from it and now unlikely that I will ever be able to lead a "normal "life My psychiatric conditions are to severe to be dealt with by NHS funding which is also in writing for my mandatory reconsideration but more clearly specified along with the specialist treatment needed with estimates on cost. 

So my question is how many Aspies get PIP, the Autism concern team seem fairly sure i will get it after appeal or maybe even tribunal but now I am not so sure.  I know everyone is different and all require different help and support, but this whole diagnosis, pip/ESA application process has caused severe anxiety and deteriorated mental health. I do give credit to ESA as at my assessment they stopped it and clearly said i was not fit to be there and sorted out my ESA payments promptly. But they also told us to put not fit for assessment on my PIP application which they honored with no face2face but now I feel that has gone against me.