What do you do to calm down?

I was feeling quite agitated this morning. I've been aware for a while that I don't seem to have any mechanisms of making myself feel calm. I don't have any 'stims'. I've spent the last hour reading the latest posts on this forum, and doing an Aspie Quiz on one of the threads, and I've found I feel much better now, calm and back to normal. I suspect because my mind became focused on doing something intently (replying to topics in detail, then doing a 122-question quiz), so it had no opportunity to wander and be distracted by whatever it was that was causing me to feel agitated.

What methods do you use if you're feeling agitated or stressed out by something, to make yourself feel calmer?

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  • I also find reading posts on here calming, or putting my focus onto something else that absorbs me, like reading a book or playing a gentle computer game such as sims or a word or card game. On the bus to work and back I read the news or play a game on my phone to distract me from the people around me, although the other day I couldn't cope even doing that as the bus was too crowded, so I had to get off at a stop halfway home and get on the next bus behind it which was almost empty. Thankfully that doesn't happen too often as it would get quite expensive as I had to buy another ticket!

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