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Community rules

It’s important for our Community to be a safe and welcoming place for everyone.

To help with this we have some rules you need to agree to when using the Community.

These rules are:

1. Don’t post messages that are offensive or insulting to other users.
2. Our service is only available to people who are 16 or over. Services for people under 16 can be found in our online directory.
3. Do not include personal information or ask others for personal information in messages. This includes names, addresses, emails or phone numbers. This is to protect your privacy.
4. Messages that are sexist, homophobic, racist, intolerant of religious beliefs, obscene or otherwise discriminatory are not allowed in the Community. This includes links to porn or hate sites.
5. You can let people know about a service, book, telephone number, etc, that you’ve found helpful. However, if you have registered in order to advertise or sell products then your account will be closed.
6. If you are looking for people to take part in research studies, surveys or media work then visit out page about research and participation to find out how to contact us. Do not use the Community to make these requests without permission and approval from the NAS.
7. Identifying individuals or specific services, especially when making complaints, may be considered libel and your post may be edited or removed to prevent this.

You can find more detail on this in the commenting tips.

If these rules are broken then members of the communities team will discuss the situation with you and try to resolve any problems. We reserve the right to edit or delete any posts that may have legal implications. 

Continuously breaking the rules may lead to your right to post being suspended or your messages having to be approved before they are visible. When rules continue to be broken we may need to close your account. Circumventing bans is strictly prohibited.

You can read the full legal information related to the Community in our terms and conditions.

We hope you enjoy using the Community and find it a friendly, helpful place.