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Replying to discussions

This is our guide to replying to discussions on the forum. Hopefully you'll find it helpful but if anything is still unclear please contact us.


Replying to discussions


Once you have registered and set up your Community profile you'll see that discussions have a box below the last message that allows you to add replies:

comment box

This box shows your name, the subject box and the comment box.


You can now enter your message. There are also extra options available in the grey bar at the top of this box. Your message will appear in reply to the discussion.

The options in the grey bar are similar to those you will find in common word processors, such as Word. The two options you may not be familiar with are smileys and links.




You can add smileys to messages in two ways.

You can use normal text shortcuts and they will be replaced with the corresponding images. You can find a list of all the text shortcuts in our discussion about smileys.

You can also click on the smiling face in the grey bar. This will make a new window appear from which you can select a smiley:


Just click on the image you would like to use and it will appear in your message.




There are two ways to add links.

You can type or paste in a full web address (a URL such as When your message is posted this will work as a link.

The other option is a little more complicated but allows you to link words or phrases to websites. To do this first highlight the word or phrase you would like to appear as a link and click the 'link' icon (this looks like links in a chain):


This will open a new window:

link box

In this window you have three boxes.

The Link URL is the web address you want the link to go to (such as

The Target option allows you to decide if the link will open in new window or the same window.

To make the link open in a new window select 'Open the link in a new window' from the drop-down list.

To make the link open in the same window leave this blank or select 'Open the link in the same window'.

The Title sets the text that will become the link. You can leave this blank and the original text you highlighted will become the link.

Once you are ready click the 'Insert' button. If you change your mind and don't want to post a link you can click the 'Cancel' button.

Your link will now appear in your message:

link correct


Publishing your reply 

When you've finished creating your reply, click the 'Submit' button to publish it:

submit button

Your message will now appear at the end of the discussion, ready for other people to read.


You might want to read our help page about the other sections of the Community or go to the Discussion forum and try replying to discussions.


If you need any more help please contact us and we'll reply to you about the problems you're experiencing.

The email address is: