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To start discussions or reply to other people's messages you'll need to register with our website and set up your Community profile.

On this page we'll take you through how to register and validate your account. If you've already done this and would like information on setting up your profile then please read our Community profile help page.


1. Click the 'Register' link:

To start the registration process, click the 'Register' link in the grey bar at the top of the screen:

Register link


2. Enter your details on the Register page

On this page we need you to complete the following information.

A username: This is the private account name used when logging into your NAS account. It is never shown to the public. You'll set the name you use in the Community when you set up your Community profile.

username field


An email address: We need an email address to validate your account. Please enter a valid email and then confirm it:

email entry


A password: You should enter and confirm your password. This should be something you can remember but please keep it private:



Simple maths question: In order to be certain the account is being set up by a real person rather than a computer program, we have a simple maths question you will need to complete during registration.

Here's an example, although your question may be different:

maths question


Once you are happy with the information you have entered please click the 'Register' button:

regitser button


3. Validating your email

Your account is now activated.Now you need to verify it.

This will let you make changes to your account including the Community profile, which you need so that you can create and reply to messages in the Discussion forum.

Here's how to verify your account.

When you signed up an email was sent to the email address you entered. This email contains a link that will verify your account when clicked.

The link will look something like this:

email validation

Click this link to verify your account. Some browsers may not allow you to click directly on a link. If this is the case you should copy this link and paste it into the address bar of your browser.

If you have any problems with this email or clicking this link please contact us.


4. Complete verification

You will now be taken to a screen where you are asked for your password:


Enter your password and click on 'Sign In'.

Now your account is verified and you can make changes to your profile. For details of how to set up the Community profile please continue to the profile help pages.


If you need any more help please contact us and we'll reply to you about the problems you're experiencing.

The email address is: