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Other sections of the Community

The Community has more to offer than just the forum. Here's what else is available and how it works.


The Member list


This is where you can see public information about other members of the Community. You can decide if you'd like to be included in your Community profile settings.

If you are logged out or not registered, the list will show a list of plain text names.


member list - signed out


Once you are registered and logged in the list will show more details about users.

member list - signed in 



This list is ordered alphabetically and you change reorder it by clicking on either 'Community alias' or 'About me':


pink bar


You can also sort for individual users through the search box that's available once you've logged in:


search box


Clicking on the name of a member of the Community will take you to their profile page:




Here you can see their Community alias, the avatar they are using (if they have picked one), their profile information and a link to see their previous discussions and comments. 

Clicking the 'View cotent this user has posted' link will take you to a page where you can see all these discussions and comments in date order:

 previous discussions

From here you can click on the individual discussion or comment to be taken to it in the Community.

Other Communities


This section of the Community provides links to other useful online resources. Some of these are focused on Autism or other autism spectrum conditions, others are more general:


other communities


To see the full details of a service click on it's name:


link to other community


On this page you'll see the full description and a link to the service:

 other community details


When we launch new services in the Community we'll add them to this page (or their own page), so if you see something new please come back to the help section to find out more about it.


If you need any more help please contact us and we'll reply to you about the problems you're experiencing.

The email address is: