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Email subscriptions

When you join the Community we'll automatically email you updates when other people comment or reply to your messages.

This help page outlines how to manage your email settings and subscriptions.

You can subscribe to discussions, either automatically when replying or creating them, or manually when reading them. If you're subscribed to a discussion, you'll get an email when someone replies. After that, we'll only send you updates if you visit the discussion again. So if you're no longer interested in the discussion you won't keep getting emails about it. 


Changing email subscriptions


In your email settings, you can control whether you get emails and whether you automatically subscribe to discussion you reply to or create.

To make changes click ‘Email settings’ in the left-hand menu:

menu link

You'll see all your email subscriptions listed on this page. Find out more about this page in the ‘Managing individual subscriptions’ section.

To change your settings, click on ‘Change your email subscription settings’:

change settings

You'll see the settings page that allows you to turn emails on or off and manage automatic subscriptions:

Email subscription settings


Turning email updates on or off


Your account will have email updates turned on automatically. To stop getting updates in the future, untick the updates box:


And then click on 'Save my settings'

save settings 


Managing automatic subscriptions


You can decide if you automatically subscribe to discussions when you create or reply to them.

To change your settings for discussions you create, tick or untick the box next to ‘Automatically subscribe to discussions I make’:

subscribe to made discussions

To change your settings for discussions you reply to, tick or untick the box next to ‘Automatically subscribe to discussions I reply to’:

subscribe to discussions replied to

Click the 'Save my settings' button to make your changes:

save settings


Subscribing to discussions manually


If you come across a discussion you want to follow but don't want to reply to, you can subscribe to it manually.

At the top of each discussion you'll see the option to subscribe. Just click on this link to subscribe to the discussion:

not subscribed

This will now change to confirm the subscription:


To un-subscribe from this discussion you can click this link again.


Managing individual subscriptions


As well as changing your general settings you can also manage your subscriptions to  discussions individually.

Click on ‘Email updates’ in the left-hand menu:

main menu link

This page lists all your current subscriptions:

subs page


Turning individual subscriptions on or off


You can turn email updates for individual subscriptions on or off using the ‘Notifications’ column.

When your subscription is set to send out emails it looks like this:


When your subscription is set not to send out emails it looks like this:


You can click the image or the text link to change between these states.


Removing individual subscriptions


You can delete subscriptions individually. Just click on the ‘trash can’ icon beside a subscription to delete it:

remove sub 

Removing all subscriptions


You can also remove all subscriptions at once. On your page showing current discussions you are subscribed to, simply click the button 'Remove all subscriptions'

remove subscriptions

You'll now see a final confirmation page. To delete all your subscriptions click the 'Confirm' button.

remove subscriptions


If you need any more help please contact us and we'll reply to you about the problems you're experiencing.

The email address is: