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Community profiles

Once you've registered and validated your account you'll be able to set up your Community profile.

Your profile lets you set up an alias (the public name that will appear next to your messages), agree to the rules and set other optional information. Before you can start or reply to discussions you must set an alias and agree to the rules.

This page explains how to edit your profile and what each bit of required and optional information is for. 


1. Logging into your account


To make changes to your Community profile you need to log in to your account. You can do this through the link in the grey bar at the top of the page or through this direct link to login.

sign in link

You will then be taken to the main Sign in page:

sign in page

Enter your username and password then click the Sign in button.

This will take you to the main profile page. To edit your Community profile click on the 'Community profile' link in the left-hand menu:

Profile link


2. Setting your profile for the first time


When you first set up your profile you'll need to add an alias and agree to the Community rules.

Your Community alias:


Your alias is your public name in the Community. This allows you to remain anonymous. We strongly recommend that you use a name that can't be used to identify you.

Once set you won't be able to change this name unless you contact us.

When setting your alias you can check if your chosen name is available. To do this enter the name you would like in the text box then click 'Check availablity' - this will tell you if the name is available.

Community rules:

You also need to agree to the Community rules and the Terms and conditions (these links open in a new window). You'll need to do this at the same time as picking your alias. 


The links to the Community rules and the Terms and conditions open in new windows so you can read them and decide if you are happy to accept them whilst setting up your profile.

To accept the Community rules and the Terms and conditions you should tick the box on the left.

Please note that the Community rules are written in a way we hope is clear and easy to understand. You can read more detailed legal information about the Community in our terms and conditions (opens in a new window).  


3. Setting other profile information


The other information in your profile can be changed at any time. You can set this at the same time as you set your alias and accept the rules or you can do this later.

Your avatar:

An avatar is an image that appears beside your messages in the Community. It will be shown whenever you reply to a discussion or create your own.

To select an avatar click on the drop-down list next to your current avatar selection (at first this will say 'No avatar):


This will open a list of all available avatars:

avatar list

Just click on an avatar you'd like to use and you'll see the box on the right change to your new choice:

selected avatar

The Member list:

The Member list gives you the option to provide a public record of your activity in the Community. It allows other users to read more about you, and see your previous messages and your current avatar.  

You can enter the information you want other people to see in the text box which looks like this:

directory entry

The text box currently only holds two lines of text and doesn't automatically scroll as you type. We're sorry about this and will be resolving the problem as soon as possible.

If you have any problems please contact us.

To add yourself to the Member list, click on the tick box:

directory tick box

At any time you can untick this box to remove yourself from the Member list.


4. Saving your profile


To save changes to your profile click on the Update Profile button at the bottom of the page:

update profile

If there are any problems with the information you've entered (such as someone else already using the alias you would like) then you'll be told about the problem when you click Update Profile.

Your Community profile should now be set up correctly. You can read our help pages about starting or replying to discussions for more advice about using the forum.


If you need any more help please contact us and we'll reply to you about the problems you're experiencing.

The email address is: