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Groups are the Community's working groups, where people who are interested in helping with particular topics can work together in a private environment. For now we've got one group available, which is our Consultation group. This is where we'll be asking for your help with ongoing developments and campaigning.

It's important to bear in mind two things when joining the group - 

1. Comments made within the consultation group may be quoted anonymously as part of future funding or press releases

2. Within the consultation group you'll have access to content that should remain private, please don't share what you read outside of the group

Just click the 'join' link to get involved. Please note that, at the moment, clicking the link to the group without joining will take you to the login page (if you aren't logged in) or to a page saying 'Access denied' if you haven't already joined.

Group Description Manager Posts Members Join
Consultation group

Help us with research and future developments

Jim V - mod 3 164 Join