'Mild autism'

Hi, my son was diagnosed last week with the above. He is 3.5 and due to start school next September. Although I've been fighting for this, still feel really sad about it, especially as he has come on so much in the last 6 months!  It's a lot to get your head around, felt as if I was told, given a leaflet and shown the door. Wondered if anyone else has had the same diagnosis and how it affected them, their child and especially mainstream school life...thanks for reading, any support would be greatly appreciated :) 

  • Hi I’m awaiting refferal for my just 4 year old deal with lots of challenging behaviour would love to swap stories strategies ,tips and calming methods , I am new to finding out information etc thanks lucy 

  • Hi NAS35414, I’m in a similar situation as you, although my son still hasn’t got a diagnosis. I worry about the future and especially school next September. It’s all very overwhelming. 

  • Hi , my son (4 in January)  was diagnosed recently and it has plunged me into deep depression (just starting to come out the other side..stopped weeping at the slightest wobble!) . I expected an influx of support and all this amazing  therapy (like in USA)  only to realise within a few weeks that this was not going to come unless I pay extortionate fees privately.  I feel so aggrieved and angry for everyone with this condition and shocked/disgusted by the lack of support, where is the equality! I was told my son was on the 'spectrum' then discharged the same day, even gave me a letter "discharge letter'. It's a terrible ordeal. I am very lucky that his primary school have been amazing , without them I would be seriously ill now. 

  • Can I also ask, the term 'mild autism', is this the same as 'on the autistic spectrum'? which is what I was told. I was told that all people on the pathway of DSM-5  and then diagnosed are now generically reported as 'on the spectrum', even the term aspergers being omitted. Its all very confusing. 

  • When my son was 5 years old, they called us to school. My wife and I went there, the director, his kindergarten teacher, and somebody of the social services were there. They wanted to talk about my son. Oddly they didn't suggest any diagnoses, they just told us they were going to observe him. During that talk they told us also they were a bit annoyed because my son was always 5 to 10 minutes late. I told them that was my fault. I had a train to work, and bringing him in time meant I needed to sit 10 minutes longer waiting for my train. The teacher pleaded that if I would bring him earlier this would make her life easier. I told these people that if there were a law and my son would risk to be expelled, that would be a big motivator to bring him in time, but that her comfort did not outweigh my discomfort. I think that explained a lot. I'm sure they added the phrase 'runs in the family' to his file... Now he's 13, has a bit of a girlfriend, goes swimming and works his muscles. I tell him at least once a week that I'm proud of him, (that I'm happy to have him in my team), I changed jobs so I could drive my older daughter (15 now), and him to music lessons twice a week. But that meeting still sits in my memory with an 'impending doom' stamped on it... 

    Realising you're autistic, feels a lot like waking up in the Matrix, without Morpheus out there to scoop you up.