Hey, so I just binge watched Atypical on Netflix (not difficult because eight thirty-minute episodes do not constitute a series by any standard) and I wondered if anybody else has seen it yet and what you thought? Reviews have been mixed so far, but I enjoyed it.

  • I watched the first episode, but not sure what I think. At times I found it a little bit condescending, and I would really liked to have seen the lead actor portrayed by somebody who was actually on the spectrum. Apart from that, I'm looking forward to the second episode.

  • I thought it was a really stereotypical at first. I've recently been diagnosed and I'm trying to figure myself out so I carried on watching and I actually ended up relating to a few things that I didn't realise had anything to do with being on the spectrum. Especially the scene where Sam's girlfriend was touching everything in his room and took his jacket. I do wish the character had a bit more depth and I didn't like the fact they made him seem like such a problem and a burden.