What's on your desk/table/work station?

Just a bit of fun...

In detail (what else?), what do you have on your desk - or wherever it is you sit to do your work?

Here goes for me:

* Pot of pens and pencils (seashore design on the pot)

* 'Wine-glass' tealight holder

* Tall carved wooden candle stick with candle, standing on crocheted doily

* Mini teddy bear wearing a jumper with a snowman design

* LED desk lamp

* Phones - landline and mobile (Sony Xperia)

* Photo of mum, aged about 20 

* VW Campervan mug of coffee, on a rose-design coaster

* Headphones (JVC)

* Asus 27" monitor

* Microsoft mouse on recycled tyre mouse-mat (from the Alternative Technology Centre in Wales)

* TalkTalk internet router

* HP Envy 5540 all-in-one printer

* 2 memory sticks

* Gas lighter for candles

* Day-glo yellow highlighter pen

* Packet of salmon Dreamies treats for Daisy

* Microsoft keyboard (photo of Daisy on-screen)

* Shadows

...and here it is, minus the mobile - which I needed to take the photo!

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