Changing clothes- can anyone identify with this ?

Can anyone identify with this? Clothes: I change my socks and underpants every day and my t shirt and trousers every 3 days. Today I noticed my trousers were marked after 2 days so put them in the washing bin. My t shirt wasn't messy but because I didn't want to get out of sync with changing my tshirt and trousers I put that in the washing bin as well. The idea of getting out of sync with my clothes makes me feel uncomfortable.

  • Yes. I change my socks, underwear and outer layer (jumper or whatever) every day but only change my under-top (vest top or whatever) and trousers every second or third day. This is with my 'home' clothes which I never wear to town or to any community events but I do wear them out and about in the village.

    If there's an unexpected (or forgotten until the last minute) community event and I have to change into my 'deliberately meeting people' clothes, it throws off my schedule and I'm never quite sure whether to save them until tomorrow or to wash them a day early   :/   Sometimes I decide to save them but then they feel too dirty to wear the next day. Other times I decide to wash them but they feel too clean to wash and I start wondering if I'm being OCD again. It just doesn't feel right if my routine is disturbed. 

  • When discussing frequency of clothes changing we can end up in very deep quicksand very quickly.

    I like to think that I am sensible with no obsessive clothes changing behaviour.

    Every day change underpants.

    Change socks, shirts etc after i bathe, two or three times a week.

    Change trousers once a week.

    Change other clothes when they get dirty or have food spillage etc.

    But I have known people with severe resistance to changing clothes.  Wearing same underpants for over a week, same trousers every day for three months or more.  Same jacket for year or two (every day.  The smell is.

  • Fresh clothes every day, pants, socks, jeans or trousers and whatever top in contact with skin changed every day. Jumpers etc three days so long as clean, suits there wears the dry clean. Jackets longer but washed frequently.

    Every morning I showed and shave, if I get sweaty I'll have a second shower and wear fresh clothes. Fresh clothes when I go to the gym. Hats in cold weather get washed once a week or more frequently if sweaty. I very rarely wear gloves but keep them clean as well. Other things in contact with skin I change bed sheets every week on Sunday, in summer when it's hot I'll also change pillow cases on Thursday as well as Sunday. Two towels which I use on alternate days, wash towels and change to a different set every Sunday. Golf glove rinsed in clean water after every game. Unless there's a very specific reason I won't wear the same pair of shoes on consecutive days so that they always have a proper chance to air.

    Bit of a clean freak and I like my routine, even if I've been away for most of the week I'll still change sheets on a Sunday or the first day back etc. I love the feel of clean clothes on my skin, I don't like the worn feeling, I usually don't like the feeling with fabric conditioner either as it makes the clothes feel softer and more worn.

  • Yes i definitely feel muddled if my clothing routine is altered. It's partly because then i have to remember what i have and haven't changed, and partly because i never know what matches or clashes with everything else. Making any decisions regarding clothing can really throw me, particularly if i'm in a hurry due to a change of plan. Nice to know it's not just me.