Is it sad/ok to go to the Cinema on your own?

Some people say it's sad to go on your own but I don't think it is? I recently got a unlimited card so I can go to the cinema as many times as I want. I only have 4 close friends but they're always busy and they're rarely able to go to cinema with me apart from once/twice on some weekends. I haven't really got any other friends to ask to go with me unfortunately but there are quite a lot of movies I want to see so I'm just going to go on my own anyway.

Also wondered if anyone else here goes to the cinema on their own as well. :)

  • I've always gone to the cinema alone - even when I was with a partner.

    I like to choose a seat as far away from others as possible - especially popcorn-eaters and phone addicts.  I usually take in something 'nice' to drink, to help me relax.  Then, when the film starts, I shut off and enter its world.  And it feels like I'm the only witness to what's going on on screen.  Sometimes, if I go to a mid-week showing, I am the only witness.

    The cinema, for me, is a very private thing - even if it's in a public place.

    Recently, I saw 'Darkest Hour' and 'All the Money in the World' in almost empty auditoriums.

    Films are my passion, so I mostly watch them at home in the evenings - either from a dedicated site, or via a YouTube rental.  I have a large monitor, so it's similar conditions.  Lights off, dark room... no one else.

    If others think that's sad... then it's just that: what others think.  It's not what I think!

  • I've gone to the cinema with people and alone, I don't think it's sad. Going with someone doesn't really make sense, you sit in a dark room, watching a film and don't speak to anyone because it would be rude to impact other people's viewing and listening experience. It is in itself a very solitary experience.

  • You enjoy it, so it's most certainly not sad at all but totally o.k. for you. How others feel about it is their business, no need to let them spoil it for you!

    I quite like sometimes to talk about the film afterwards, then I find it unfortunate if I was on my own, but at other times I don't want that and then it's actually better to just go home on my own. Sometimes when I really liked the film I find it sad that a friend who I think would have liked it too didn't get to see it, but that's a different matter really, and I can at least recommend it.

  • There are not many cinemas left today.

    Going on your own ( sad or not ).  Depends on the circumstances.   

    My late mother described her sole cinema visits in the late 50s as one of the happier moments of her life.  After she got married she moved in with my father's family and in that overcrowded house people argued constantly and wanted her to take sides.  So when she finished her shift, working in a restaurant kitchen, she went to the cinema.  She described it as a safe refuge.  Cheap tickets, warm comfortable seats and she could relax and dose off.  

    I also used to go alone to cinemas in the early 80s.  No friends so I had nobody to go with.  I enjoyed the experience and leaving the cinema into the outside world was also an experience.  The atmosphere inside the cinema and the world outside was an extreme contrast. 

    Going with people was always disappointing.  I got dragged to see films I never enjoyed.  In 1968 we went as a large group of children with one adult  to see the original planet of the Apes.  I was terrified.

    It's ok to go alone.