If you have a diagnosis for more than one health condition/disability/learning disabilities.. How do they interact and how do you manage?

In the end I'm just me. But I have what seems a long list of issues and I keep wondering which bits are for what diagnosis and how to deal with them. Or do I just  accept everything as a whole.. If you have multiple health issues or multiple diversity how do you manage? 

  • Hi Misfit61 and ,

    About 2 years ago I discovered a gym that has a strong rehabilitation and inclusion emphasis. The person who started it has some YouTube clips for what he calls Body Awareness. Search on YouTube: Rowan Ellis Body Synergy Gym. There are 6 rep and 12 rep. Start with the 6, it looks easy but you will find it makes you sweat. They are about building core strength.

    Technique is important, so do listen carefully and use a mirror to check your form. If you are under the care of an OT or physio, show them and feel free to share the clips.

    I did these for 3  months with static bike (he even has advice on posture on a bike), now I do weights. The staff constantly check technique.

    It's not fun but it's great for well-being

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