Getting a filling tomorrow

So, at the age of 31, I am getting my first filling in a wisdom tooth. This appears to have been partly caused by my venlafaxine, which makes my mouth quite dry and increases the chance of tooth decay. I'm resigned to it, although I'm annoyed it's happening and that the score of Dental Fillings vs Female Orgasms Inducted stands at 1:0.

Those who have had fillings themselves, what's the process like?

  • Is that Fillings vs. Orgasms ratio a real thing? Men certainly come up with a lot of strange ways of measuring themselves!

    Don't they usually extract wisdom teeth when there's a problem with one of them?

    I still have all my wisdom teeth and I've had just one filling because I chipped one of my front incisors, so the process is probably quite different from having work done on a wisdom tooth, but it wasn't so bad, I guess. The grinding was the worst part. Even with the numbing, I could feel the vibration in my jaw and the sound conducted to my ears.

    It's probably better not to anticipate it too much and just get it done, because you need it done and the alternative is worse. I think you could always get them to put you under if it's too bad. For me, it wasn't a cavity, so maybe it's different, but there was no pain or anything afterwards.

    I hope that helps, and good luck on improving your ratio.

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