A Quiet Room in Kent

I had the idea of joining the London Library as somewhere quiet which I could visit as and when wanted/needed. The travel to London would have been a bit of a pain but when I saw the annual membership fee for the London Library I decided to drop the idea of joining the library.

My local (council run) library is used more as a community hub and cannot be considered quiet. Activities held at the library include the teaching of PC skills to pensioners and a group for mums and dads with toddlers (in a library!). The library premises are too small for a separate reading room.

I have searched for a reading room, club or library in Kent to meet my needs but have found nothing of use. I found a reading room but that belongs to a religious group and is only open one day a week.

Any ideas or thoughts will be appreciated. Thank you.

  • The Kent Autistic Trust suggested either my local church (which is nearly always locked) or Maidstone Library (as that, apparently, is more of a studying library).

    Today I visited The Friars in Kent and, on this visit at least, the place was quiet. I spent quite some time sitting in the Peace Garden (which has multiple signs asking people to respect the fact the Peace Garden is meant to be somewhere quiet - people are even asked not to eat in the garden) and three other places (one indoors) in the grounds.

    The Peace Garden was lovely. I sat and watched the bees moving from plant to plant in search of nectar; I could even hear the occasional gentle buzzing of bees when three or more bees descended on a plant. I sat and listened to the birds singing.

    I shall take another trip (hopefully soon) to The Friars and, hopefully, it will turn out to be a place of quiet I can visit fairly easily.

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