Information Overload!

Hi all,

Sometimes I think that we receive too much information. The news is flooded with negative events, we are learning new things every day, and for the more analytical minds, we love to analyse and assess every little thing. When this happens, we need to relax our minds, and let things be, rather than strangle everything with our tenacious hold. There's so much information coming in, but we don't need to interact with it all - doing so would cause you too much stress and drive you insane!

Much love <3

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  • Hi RSxo,

    I also find too much information stressful. Now I try to focus on things that matter instead of trying to learn everything. It's pointless to fill your head with information you arn't going to do anything with. Lots of news seems not only useless but bad for the mind when it is distasteful. Like Graham I don't like newspapers, because you get so much information thrown at you whereas online you only see a full article if you click on it.

    Misfit61: I think it takes a lot of discipline and awareness to use the internet productively. Lots of websites are designed to keep you clicking so that they get more ad revenue, which shows that they are trying to make money from you rather than give you useful information.

    Warren Buffet has said that reading is like compound interest in that the more you do it the wiser you become, but I think it is too simplistic to say that reading a lot is good. I think you need to be discerning with what you read and always questioning its value, rather than pouring useless facts into your mind. If you are reading only for enjoyment though then that doesn't matter.