I have been diagnosed with ASD, I live alone and for the past couple of years, find myself mostly very isolated. I feel that my ASD is quite obvious and, consequently, seems to draw a lot of very negative attention. Going shopping, have a coffee in a coffee shop, are quite excruciating. From open stares, to verbal abuse. I was wondering if anyone else experiences this, on a daily basis, or at all?  

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  • Hi there... and welcome to a safe environment.  You'll find many people here who share your issues.

    I was only diagnosed two years ago, aged 56, after a lifetime of the kinds of problems you express. 

    I also live alone, out of preference - although I do not feel so isolated now that I have an online community on social media and forums like this one.   I hope this can also help you to feel less alone.

    Take a look around at some of the threads.  As I said, you'll find many kindred spirits here.

    And please don't feel afraid to ask questions and to say what's on your mind.  We're all in this together.

    Best wishes,


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