I hate being outside, that is why i got myself a dog myself a dog. yep to force my but outside in to the unknowing.  it gets me out to meet other dog walkers, and the the satisfaction to see my fur baby happy.

I struggle keeping motivated. i want to get fit with another human, but i am in total melt down if i plan to go to a club. so I work out alone with dvds.  at the mo i stopped, well i rather be eating and sleeping my troubles away.

but i've been invited to tough mudder 2018 next year by a dog walking pal and pretty mudder by a work colleges 14 year old daughter , i get on better with kids lol. wont to wear a rabbit oneis LOL! so thinking at T25 work out 25 mins aday. dont sound to back right.

how do you cop with motivation? the get up and go 

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