Employment - working from home

my daughter is my daughter is struggling in every job she tried. She feels the other staff don't like her, she gets called into manager's office regurlarly -  always same type of story. she is trying to find s job she can do from home -  anyone know of anything legitimate and profitable?

  • Hi Grumpy,

    Sorry to hear about your daughter's problems.  I'm guessing she's probably very good at certain things to do with work - but it either isn't being recognised, or the anxiety she must feel in that situation is making her falter at some tasks. 

    What is it that she currently does?  What is she good at?  What does she really enjoy doing?  Do you think, if she could find the right sort of job - with people who were more accepting of her, or on her wavelength - that she might find it easier having a 'go to' job?

    I worked from home for a little while and it really suited me.  I could keep my own hours and didn't have to go out.  The only trouble with it was that it was commission-only - working as a recruiter for a London-based IT firm.  It was entirely computer/internet-based work, and involved conducting interviews via Skype.  We used to get companies coming to us with IT staff requirements, then I would generally spend most of my time connecting with likely candidates on LinkedIn and trying to get them interested.  The income was variable - but such is the case with self-employment.  Some months I made a few hundred, other months over a thousand.  But I had a partner at the time, so it was manageable.

    It really comes down to what she enjoys doing and what she's good at.  I didn't especially enjoy that work, but at least I didn't have to 'go' to work.  Many companies now employ home-workers, because it saves on property costs.  Things like data mining, or data input.  Check around on the 'net.  There must be dedicated websites which advertise for home-workers.

    All the best,


  • Hi Grumpy.

    Is the job she is doing something she loves to do? And is the company aware of ther problems, and have they ever shown any level of support for her?

    There are many jobs available to do from home and online, though very dependant on skills. I think that finding people who are accepting and a job that is enjoyable can make a huge difference

  • I would be so happy if I could work from home! I love silence, to be alone and darkness. I love computers, IT, data and databases.

    I am trying to find something for me but I am struggling with that. I do not see many opportunities out there.

    I sometimes feel that employers are looking for people who are communicable. Also, I am not that good when talking, I pay more attention to details, I am more precise. I am also more loyal.