A Strange Fantasy

People on the spectrum, often those diagnosed in adulthood, have said they feel as if they don't belong on this planet. I love planet Earth and her animals but, if only The Doctor really were to exist, I'd gladly take the chance to travel to, and live on, a different planet where I would be accepted.

Part of me wants to write fanfiction about this but it may upset me because there's no way this fantasy could come true. 

  • I do feel a bit like an alien most of the time. I never truly feel as if I belong. I feel like I can never fit in -- no matter how hard I try to change myself to fit in. Reading and writing have always been my escape - getting away to another world. Where I can't be the one that is hurt. 

    I'm luckier than most. I have some good friends, my family try their best... but I feel as if I don't exist on the same plane as everyone else around me.  The world goes too fast or too slow for me. I just can't get on the right frequency.  Most of the time, I don't feel part of the world (and it isn't because I don't want to be/don't care). 


  • I get it, completely. The Planet of the Ood is an episode of Doctor Who that made me cry because it seemed like the perfect place for me.

  • have always been aware of the difference, or something different, as far back as i can remember. often 'feel' 'alien', or 'other', or that i'm on the wrong planet or shouldn't be here or am here by mistake.

    as for writing, why not? i say go for it. i don't think there's anything wrong in exploring an idea on one's own terms; even if it is sad or unhappy. sometimes writing can be cathartic. and there is a vast legacy of sci-fi writing and writers who explore ideas of 'other' - some of the best ideas surrounding idenity and alter-identity have been explored through sci-fi eg. the replicants in bladerunner, mutants in x-men. alternative worlds one only has to look at things like star trek or star wars. all sci-fi explores philosophy in an analogus or homologus framework. i'm sure people would love to read whatever you wrote. 

  • I can definitely identify with this & have always felt that I didn't really belong, like some sort of 'Changeling'.

    I can fit in reasonably well with most other people, but only by initially analysing their behaviour & then consciously choosing the best way to mould myself to gain their approval.

    There was a very old 1970s TV series called 'The Martian Chronicles' (from the book) where in one episode the last Martian child survives by literally changing shape to hide amongst humans, but then gets caught when different groups it lived with all appear at once & it keeps instinctively switching forms. When I watched that in my late teens, it nearly made me cry, as it perfectly described how I felt.

    As I've got older, I still pretty much do the same thing, but now I have resigned myself to the fact that I will never truly fit in anywhere. Even my own parents/family have never really understood & for the same reason that it is usually fairly easy to blend in.

    People generally only see what they want to see, so if you can identify that & show them a reasonable approximation, they will just assume the rest. The only problem is that once you realise that truth, it makes you feel even more like an alien.

    At least my cat accepts me unconditionally though!

  • I had some disappointments...

    There is an old book 'the high crusade'... there's even a movie about it... I had the idea once ... partly fanfiction, where the existance of the Star Trek Klingons would be explained. Mongol warriors would be taken, entire tribes, from their homes, by giant spacebulkships... These ships would then transport them to planets with highly advanced technology, but without experience in hand to hand combat... biological warfare, let's say... I can't recall seeing the movie ever, and I never read the book until my sister in law pointed it out to me... 

    I had the same with 'in the land of the blinds'... I don't think the one-eyed one would be king... I think he would be an annoying guy talking about colours and other nonsense, where the land would be well adapted to the blinds, so they would not need any additional guidance. 

    The trick could be to jump always on the latest technology... like Stephen King's 'cell'... not his best though...