What do you do to calm down?

I was feeling quite agitated this morning. I've been aware for a while that I don't seem to have any mechanisms of making myself feel calm. I don't have any 'stims'. I've spent the last hour reading the latest posts on this forum, and doing an Aspie Quiz on one of the threads, and I've found I feel much better now, calm and back to normal. I suspect because my mind became focused on doing something intently (replying to topics in detail, then doing a 122-question quiz), so it had no opportunity to wander and be distracted by whatever it was that was causing me to feel agitated.

What methods do you use if you're feeling agitated or stressed out by something, to make yourself feel calmer?

  • I find photography of landscapes and woodlands relaxing.   So when agitated I look at my photo collection and the memories of my trips helps me relax. 

  • Gardening works for me (as long as the neighbours aren't around!), even if it's just a bit of tidying up. This also includes taking photos of flowers/ insects etc. Or reading: I'm currently working through a list of classics as taking time for myself feels like an indulgence, but this way I can justify it as 'doing something' as I can see progress each time I cross another novel off the list.

  • Mindfulness and yoga helps me best. It sounds like a load of silliness, but honestly, there's nothing like a walk in the park/forest by yourself listening to the natural sounds. I also like to take pictures of water drops on leaves, cobwebs and other random things in the country.  It calms me and makes me feel safe.

    When I'm having a "moment" of getting overwhelmed I immediately disregard what ever it is I'm thinking and focus on the sound of my breathing and how it feels in my throat and stomach.  Yoga practice is fantastic for stuff like that. 

  • I have a few things that I find very soothing

    I play the recorder rather badly, it can be concealed In a pocket (well my sopranino recorder can) and i can annoy folk to my hearts content by playing a few tunes.

    I also love bubbles. The way they float on air. Their myriad colours. I  reently brought a gianr bubble sword which really is Great.

    I  also take a lot of photos and spend a lot of time messing about with them afterwards.

    But what I especially like is being in the wide expanse of the countryside - the feel of fresh air in my lungs, the wind in my hair, the sound of a stream or a waterfall, the sound of a steam train as it approaches through an amphitheatre of hills, the sight of a picturesque ruined castle or abbey, a rugged landscape in the early morning must ... these are things that life is all about to me.