What was your epiphany? how did you know/think you were ASD?

What led you seek diagnosis? 

  • I was referred for counseling and had two assessment sessions with the counselor but at the end of the second session she declined to offer me more counseling because she thought I was autistic. I sought a diagnosis as much as anything to prove the counselor wrong but I was diagnosed with ASD, specifically Asperger's, in December 2015 so maybe she was correct although if she was I still think it was for invalid reasons.

  • It was a slow realisation for me, brought on by hearing about it on tv, doing some research online, reading books etc. I found the topic interesting for its own sake but the more i read the more i figured it applied to me. My family had been 'joking' for years that if i was on the Spectrum it would explain a lot, so i think they knew before i did! I'm sticking with self-diagnosed for now though.

  • Just been diagnosed, at last in my diagnosis I have a home for my identity

    And I need a home as its been a much travelled road 

    What kicked me into it was reading on the internet parallels to me in strangers, it was a revelation

  • I have not yet been formally diagnosed as I have only recently connected the dots of all the difficulties I have had throughout my life. But, I would say the epiphany came when I split from my partner a few months ago.

    The relationship collapsed due to to my behaviour and how I would struggle with supposedly simple tasks and it just put too much strain on the relationship as she would essentially have to do so much as I either didn't know how or didn't do things in a "normal" way that ended up causing problems.

    There were some hints shortly before this, as one of her daughters is on the spectrum and we were like two peas in a pod in the way we would deal with certain situations, although at the time I think I was in denial as I had tried so hard to be "normal", which ironically made my behaviours more apparent and difficult to live with. Also, both my ex and a previous ex had asked or thought I may be on the spectrum although again at the time I believe I was in denial.

    It was only after the relationship ended that I opened my eyes to the possibility that it was something more than just anxiety or depression (things I have and do at times suffer from) that made me feel so different to everyone else. So, I began to explore various avenues before finally realising I am on the spectrum as so much fits with how I feel and how I behave.