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My son who is 7 and is on the specrum has recently started taking money from my purse. Like a lot of children he's realised money buys nice things and has helped himself from my purse, it's always cash ie a note never coins. He does give it back but obviously would like him to realise it's wrong before he steals from someone else! Any advice or resources which would be helpful.

Thanks Amanda xxx



Does your son have a learning difficulty and/or any other disorder as well being on the spectrum?

If not, he's probably just going through a phase that many children go through - testing boundaries - we, on the spectrum know right from wrong, so unless, as I asked, he has a learning disabilty or other disorder (such as oppositional defiance), he almost certainly will know it's wrong, and he's just doing it to test boundaries, and for the thrill.

If, on the other hand, he does have a learning difficulty, or some other disorder, then you could try a 'social story' explaining where money comes from, and getting him to work out, for himself, how others feel when something that belongs to them is taken from them (through asking him how he would feel in that situation).