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Services in Australia lagging behind the United Kingdom

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Dear Readers

I am a 39 year old adult on the Autism Spectrum diagnosed by Dr Tony Attwood in Brisbane, Australia.  I constantly notice how far Australia is lagging behind the rest of the world especially the United Kingdom in terms of support and services. 

If you have Autism in Australia people do not understand you and there is virtually no access to services and support as an adult if you require them.  Also employment support is very limited not to mention society's lack of awareness and understanding. 

I have tried very hard to advocate as an adult on the Autism Spectrum in Australia and I find myself constantly under attack or living within social isolation from a society which simply does not understand. 

I write a lot of articles about how Asperger Syndrome affects me and I feel at times that I am close to breaking point.  In Australia a video was recently shown called "Breaking Point" which outlines how the Australian disability system is broken.  I have thought about living in the United Kingdom but it would be hard for me as getting a job in the UK would not be easy. 

There is so much lagging behind the rest of the world here in Australia and a lack of support and services as well.


Garry Burge


I am sorry to here of the difficulties you face in Australia. But well done you for being so proactive, you are helping more people than you think you are. hopefully you will find support and understanding on this site.



Thanks I am trying to do my best.


Garry Burge

Hi there,

I am English but have been living in New Zealand for 13 years and am now back in the UK.  My take is that on paper services are better in the UK but in reality they are patchy everywhere, there are people here who can't access diagnoses let alone services and many who are diagnosed are unable to get appropriate services even though they are theoretically entitled to them.  I think we are on the cusp of a wave with autism. It is just beginning to be really recognised and addressed, my hope is that the next generation will have it easier.

Do you find the Autism Bill of any use in the United Kingdom?  What has it been able to achieve?



autism bill's effect is still in the post planning stage. Basically the law been made but guidance like on how to diagnose people is going to come out between Sep 2011 and the same time next yr.

The law itself is really planning - so how does someone get a diagnosis of ASD, they SHOULD then get assesments from Social Services, all "professionals" in direct contact with people with ASD need to have a good understanding of the disorder etc.

Sadly it doesn't give us any major additional rights that are better to vague Equality Act 2010.

As Caro said it looks gr8t on paper but not the same in reality. I thought Australia was ahead of us - guess I was wrong. 

Keep at it though, campaigning is hard, I'm just starting out and its like you've got brick walls against you.



Awareness is growing but it is still patchy. I am lucky to have a lot of support from trained support workers who are experts in autism, but it took me a very long time to get this support which should really have been provided a lot earlier. It is so frustrating to be on waiting lists that are really long when you know that with support you could make so much progress. Prior to receiving my support I hardly left the house and was very isolated. Support has really turned my life around and has provided me with routine and something to look forward to each week, without which I could get very unhappy and frustrated.

I hope the Autism Act improves matters, particularly with regard to employment and training opportunities for those with AS

at least you are trying to help people understand what Autism is. Maybe you should speak to their government if you can, about services in Australia. Over in the UK people with AS can get employment officers to help them with seeking employment or helping them find something they would like to do outside of looking for work. It is not easy for people with Autism to live a life like some as they do get shut out by people.