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Ear defenders

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Hi Everyone i'm new here and just looking for some advice.My 8 year old son has been using ear defenders for about a year.He finds music terrifying and will hit out ,hurt himself or run away if he hears it.At first i thought the ear defenders were fantastic because we could start going out and doing things with out him getting in a panic.Which was wonderful.

Just lately though he is insisting on wearing them more and more and his teachers are finding it hard to get him to take them off at all in school.(he's in mainstream with one to one support)The ear defenders were meant to be just for situations with music but he clearly wants to wear them all the time.

My question is has anyone been in this situation? do i encourage him to not be so dependant on them or just leave him to it.I don't know if children grow out of using these and i'm in danger of making it a big issue if i keep asking him to take them off.OR if i let him carry on could he get so used to them that they do more harm than good??Just want to do the right thing.

Any thoughts or advice would be great.xx      

ear defenders

hi - my son's sensitive to certain noises, but not lots.   We've never used ear defenders so sorry on that score.  Has he said why he wants to wear them in class?   I was wondering if he's very sensitive or is becoming sensitive to many sounds/pitches etc.  He may want to keep them on because of that and/or to stop distractions from those around him + his surroundings. Maybe he feels happier with them on, more secure in himself in case sudden noises upset him. Obviously he'll have trouble learning if he can't hear what's being said to him.  If it is noise sensitivity in the classroom then is there anything the school can do to help?  If it is noisy in his classroom + if that's starting to upset him, then he'll have trouble learning because of that situation.  Does he wear them at home?  I would also suggest having a look around the nas site to see if there's anything on this subject there that might be helpful to you. bw

ear defenders

hello just read the above posts i have a-s also adhd i too hear sounds that other people dont pick up on the thing is to limit noise NOT cut it out alltogether why you might ask well its like an addiction is it not to start off a little use then it becomes an obsession to wear them all the time then you can BLOCK the world outside not a good thing we all need access to aids that help but dont become a bigger problem i have not got a clue were to begin to look but surely there is some out there who has "invented" a more suitable thing that can cut noise on a sliding scale ???? better than a pair of ear defenders ment for the industral industry ??