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New and after advice :)

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Hi I am new to the site. 

Im after some advice really. My 8yr old was sent for a referral when he was at nursery after he was having sensory seeking, social and behavioural issues. Went through the long process of waiting then having many observations and having many appointments for him to be diagnosed with touch hypersensitivty and sound. We were fortunate enough to have a positive play person for a few weeks after the diagnosis and that was that. 

Now my son is in the first year of junior school and he has been put on the special needs register. The school has again referred him for asssesments. He is my only child so I really don't know what is being an only child who is spoilt and what they see could be autism. I am very happy to go with the referral if there is something to diagnose but I am concerned that me, my son and the school will go through the whole long process again for me to be told at the end of it that there is no diagnosis it's just down to my parenting. 

Has anyone else been in this position?